The experience of flying, and racing in FPV is something truly magical and something we want to be able to help others do.

The learning journey can be a difficult one, and at times often expensive as advice is as varied as the equipment available and can lead to some confusion and costly mistakes.

Here we like to provide the best platforms for you to best learn to fly FPV without necessarily going through the headache that a lot of us have.

With both simulator and micro ducted indoor FPV drones being our most successful learning platform for most students, we can assist with getting you set-up and started at a low cost with a highly fun return, with racing and event nights being hosted monthly for both platforms you will be able to practice and hone your skills quickly, allowing you to progress into more high powered FPV racing drones should that be the path you wish to follow.

As your previous experience will determine the best path for learning, we ask you to send us a quick email by filling in the contact form below and one of our committee will be in touch with you shortly.