Have fun, but also keep safe.

General Guidelines

  • All pilots must have a current club membership with Outer Heaven/DRA and insurance membership to the MAAA.
  • Pilots must meet the specified requirements in order to compete, and all pilots must adhere to the rules and regulations of safe operation and flight as defined by the club as well as the MAAA.
  • When flying under FPV pilots must ALWAYS have an observer present, be mindful & aware of the obligations and requirements of MOP066 and MOP014.
  • Unlawful flight, such as flights near an event at locations where flying is prohibited, can result in disqualification from our events.
  • All pilots must attend a general safety briefing and sign the appropriate waivers from the race organiser and venue.
  • All pilots must be able to demonstrate effective Fail-Safe procedures defined by the Race Director. In most cases this is a “Drop” method, where the aircraft will immediately cease flight by stopping all motors and operation if it loses contact with the radio transmitter.
  • All pilots must have an “ARMING” position switch or sequence on their radio. The aircraft should not power up by any accidental controls from the radio. Aircraft arming must be executed via a control switch.
  • All pilots must demonstrate an airworthy airframe and pass a general mechanics and electronics test. All testing will be determined and executed by the Race Director.
  • All batteries should be transported and stored in LiPo-safe bags or an approved fire resistant container.
  • Pilots will not power up equipment such as video transmitters unless instructed to do so, e.g. The Race Director has given approval to change channel, test output power or take part in a race. Powering up a video transmitter at any other times may result in an immediate disqualification from the practice/heat/event.

Venue operations

  • Pilots must adhere to all rules within its venues, and will not fly in any other part of the venue unless it is a designated flight zone.
  • Pilots must contain all equipment and, airframes within the designated pilot/pit area.
  • A public charging area is not available at our outdoor location. It is recommended that pilots bring personal field chargers or generators.
  • General charging of electronic devices including radios or any device with a self-contained power supply is permitted at all venues.
  • All batteries must be stored in a LiPo-safe bag or in an approved, fire resistant container.